BylineScience and medicine writer, editor, and communications trainer, with 18 years’ experience at Canada’s two largest scientific publishers. Alumna of the Banff Centre Science Communications Program (2009). Certified Professional Editor of Editors Canada and accredited Editor in the Life Sciences.

Manuscript editor

Editing accreditation

Member, Editors Canada and Council of Science Editors

Editor in the Life Sciences, Board of Editors in the Life Sciences

Certified Professional Editor (Structural Editor, Stylistic Editor, Copyeditor, and Proofreader), Editors’ Association of Canada

Recent (2010–present):

  • Canada’s Changing Climate Report (Natural Resources Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada)
  • Substantive editing of reports on pediatric therapeutics, health effects of wind turbines, research based on health data, and health product risk communications (Council of Canadian Academies)
  • Common Drug Review clinical and pharmacoeconomic reports, comparative editing of English translations of health technology assessments by Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux du Québec (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health)
  • Transportation accident investigation reports (Transportation Safety Board)
  • Reports on environmental assessment of alternative energy (Environment Canada)
  • Legislative briefs and issue backgrounders on scientific and economic subjects (Library of Parliament)
  • Web pages on submission rules and procedures, research descriptions, and reports on funding mechanisms (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council)
  • Biomedical manuscripts for journal submission (for several individual authors)
  • Scientific manuscripts for journal submission and plain-language summaries (Canadian Forest Service)
  • Biology (fauna) manuscripts (Marine Ornithology journal)
  • Book on history of forensic psychiatry in eastern Canada (St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton)
  • Psychiatry guidelines for journal publication (Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law)

Earlier (1985–2000):

  • Supervisor of editors for 15 Canadian scientific journals in all disciplines (NRC Research Press)
  • Medical journals including the Canadian Medical Association Journal and several specialty journals in radiology, psychiatry, neuroscience, molecular biology, and genetics (Canadian Medical Association)
  • Government department annual reports and communications products (Deans-Waugh Associates)
  • Engineering projects and business issues (Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada)
  • Social issues and policy, Perception magazine (Canadian Council on Social Development)

Research reporter

Member, Science Writers and Communicators of Canada and American Medical Writers Association

Recent (2010–present):

  • Contributing writer (features) to Nature Outlook (medical topics)
  • Regular contributor to news service on medical/health research and public health topics for the Cana­dian Medical Association Journal

Past (1997–2002):

  • Feature articles and long-running column for CMAJ on current medical research
  • Articles for health supplement for Saturday Night magazine

Medical/scientific writer

In ProServices under Technical Writer and Communications Consultant, senior level

Member, Science Writers and Communicators of Canada and American Medical Writers Association

Recent (2010–present):

  • Raising the bar on safety: Reducing the risks associated with air-taxi operations in Canada (Transportation Safety Board)
  • Report on workshop on boreal science agenda (Canadian Forest Service)
  • Press releases on journal research articles (Canadian Pharmacists Journal)
  • Newsletter content (Medical Council of Canada)
  • Fact sheets on scientific assessment of pesticides (Pest Management Regulatory Agency)
  • Handbook to a clinical psychiatry tool (St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton)
  • Research articles (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton)
  • Plain-language reports on approaches to forestry in a changing climate (Canadian Council of Forest Ministers)
  • Science policy notes on effects of resource development on the boreal forest (Canadian Forest Service)
  • Author of chapter on writing abstracts for The Research Guide: A Primer for Residents, Other Health Care Trainees, and Practitioners (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada)

Professional writer 1983–1988

  • Feature magazine articles (Ottawa Magazine)
  • Press releases (Canadian Council on Social Development)
  • Speeches for Cabinet ministers, government publications (Deans-Waugh Associates)
  • On-air scripts and research (CBC Radio, CKCU-FM Radio Carleton)


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