Exposing the climate change deniers

If you’re blogging about someone else’s blog, is it a meta-blog? Today’s meta-blog post is about desmogblog, a blog devoted to unmasking climate change deniers. The minds behind desmogblog include Jim Hoggan, well-known Vancouver-based public relations man and chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, and his co-author, Richard Littlemore, of Climate Cover-up . Hoggan spoke yesterday at the Canadian Science Writers’ Association meeting in Ottawa, where jaded science writers were honestly stunned and shocked by his information about energy-industry manipulation of the public agenda in the US. He presented strong evidence of industry front groups posing as grassroots organizations (“astroturf” groups) in order to confuse citizens and policy-makers. As a seasoned PR professional, Hoggan has a quick way with a phrase, but he speaks out against using the tactics of PR to be duplicitious or deceitful. His blog uses all the tricks of the trade, but to expose, not obfuscate. This is not the climate change debate (because, in the scientific arena, there isn’t one), but the meta-discussion about how the “debate” has been concocted and foisted on an ignorant public.

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